Italian summer is really hot but with the heat come the colours.  It’s hard to believe that what a couple of months ago was a monochromatic landscape full of mountains with castles at the top and leafless vineyards and trees; now has transformed into a very vivid and saturated picture full of colours.

One of the images that I love can be found in little towns as well as in the cities. When you dare to raise your sight, the anonymous balconies that used to be camouflaged with the historic buildings, only used to dry the clothes during winter,  now are the signs that the summer is at its best.

Each balcony has its own personality and history which I wonder. Sometimes you can hear people behind them playing music, talking against the sound of forks hitting the plates and some other times arguing with a very loud voice!

But the thing about balconies is the fact that they can make you dream… after all, when looking to a beautiful balcony, who hasn’t thought “I would love to live there”

…to me, balconies represent a dream of a new life somewhere else.