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Taste 2015 in Florence, Italy: Faces behind food.

  I attended “Taste” a food fair of high quality products organised in the Italian city of Florence.  I arrived...

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VIDEO: Organic farm in Kärnten, Österreich.


People, nature, music and food; connected during one week in a beautiful farm in Austria.  Through the music of Caruso,...

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Food memories from Kumud: An Indian girl.

A couple of days ago a dear friend that comes from India cooked a very casual, real and lovely dinner...

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Food by night in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen is a very beatiful place by day but also by night, a great place to visit in...

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The Mighty Bagel.

Most of the time, when we bake (when I say we I mean my fellow boulanger, Manu, and I!), our...

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Café Central in Vienna, Austria.

I was tipped about Cafe Central by my Dad, it was worth the visit and for sure one of the...

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Hofpfisterei Bakery -Since 1331- in München, Germany.

  I always have loved food but the day I experienced La Boulangerie Français was the definitive moment to become...

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