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Taste 2015 in Florence, Italy: Faces behind food.

  I attended “Taste” a food fair of high quality products organised in the Italian city of Florence.  I arrived...

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VIDEO: Organic farm in Kärnten, Österreich.


People, nature, music and food; connected during one week in a beautiful farm in Austria.  Through the music of Caruso,...

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In Italy the best things come with no advertisement.

Only after noticing a sheet of paper, with a legend on “comic sans”, taped to the wall that said: “Pizza...

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The beat of food: 10 images of student life at the UNISG.

  I´m originally from México City, México, where I worked as a designer. In the past years I’ve focused on...

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Cheese, Bra, Italia.

  Texto originalmente escrito/publicado para: www.animalgourmet.com Despertar en la ciudad de Bra -cuna del movimiento Slow Food- y percibir un...

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