Its so nice to see how the love for food is spreading all over the world and with so different approaches. This time it was in Prague, Czech Republic.

I saw this place late at night when, as usual, I was looking for a nice Czech place to eat. I could´t miss the big logo and the way they exhibit the meat.

Right a few steps behind you could see the production area, the design was so contemporary thanks to the use of illustration, the arrangement of the equipment and of course the stereo!, I had no doubt that this was the place of some crazy foodies -I could´t do but to identify myself with these guys-.

You could sense the love, the respect and the quality of what they offer and as a foodie or chef, its so helpful to be around of these guys, not just to learn more about food but to hear someones love towards it .

Its a shame it was so late and The Real Meat Society was already closed but I give you the address: náplavní 5 praha or If you know some czech and want to know more about these guys go to The Real Meat Society website.


Foodie fact:

To really understand these theme you should read Harold McGee´s On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, Chapter 3 Meat. Its awesome and very easy to understand.