A couple of days ago a dear friend that comes from India cooked a very casual, real and lovely dinner with food that she used to eat back home, I mean real indian food which I think is the one that you enjoy every day and for sure it’s cooked by the ones you love.

That night my friend Kumud brought us the spirit of an Indian home with all the colours and spices that drew in our minds the image of that beautiful country.

Her  main concern was to give us a food picture of the different Indian regions.  But how can you summarise in no more than 7 dishes an entire culture with thousands of years behind, maybe that’s an impossible quest but one sure thing is that at the end of the night my friends and I enjoyed not only a delicious, spicy, healthy and sincere diner but we also got a glimpse of Kumud’s memories through food.

Helped by our friends to make that dinner happen, we enjoyed food that made us wonder more  about her country.

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