After a random look at my photos I discovered a series of images that portrait the illustration of diverse women in food related products and advertising.

From passata di pomodoro to chickpea flour, this images appear as a powerful symbol to communicate something as intimate and public as food can be.

All of the following images but one,  were made in Italy and found randomly through diverse italian cities and places.

donePoster found in Monterosso (Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy).

done2Illustration found in Mondovi’s (Piemonte, Italy) flea market; inside a 60´s magazine.

done3Product found in the fridge of a pasticceria in Asti (Piemonte, Italy).

done4Packaging found in the kitchen of an Indian friend while studying in Bra (Piemonte, Italy).

done5Poster found in Cuneo (Piemonte, Italy).

done6Mural found in Torino (Piemonte, Italy).

done7Product found in the high quality products rack of a bakery in Cuneo (Piemonte, Italy).