A few years ago a dear friend of mine came back from studying abroad, in Kraków, and showed me this superb vodka that she found in all her crazy parties.

It was quite revealing the flavor when I first tasted it, I did’t knew that a Vodka could have that kind of complexity with so diverse notes of wood, sweet vanilla, herbs and coconut with spices that remain impregnated in your mouth -among others yet to be decifrated by my tonge!-.

Zubrowka comes from the distillation of rye grains and its enhanced with bison grass, this one is the reason of the characteristic sweet notes and the color of the distillate.

I think that this vodka is the perfect way to start the design of a drink, desserts, petite fours or anything that comes to mind. Personally I have tasted it in a friend’s italian sweet arborio rice with coconut vanilla pod and mexican ataulfo mango, as a chocolate ganache with Barry Callebaut’s Alto El Sol chocolate, in a layered chocolate and rice cake and as a straight mega shot!, impregnated with diverse spices. The later is a must in your tricks bag an the main inspiration of this post.

Boosting Zubrowka!

Manu, a dear friend, came these week with a new bottle of Zubrowka and after thinking what to do with it he decided to infuse it with spices à la masala chai but without the black tea leafs because he didn’t want the bitter notes in the drink. So after infusing for a couple of days with cardamom, star anise, red pepper, vanilla pod, lavender flowers and cloves he ended up with an ultra boosted Zubrowka! for his birthday party.

Having infused distillates or liquors is a useful tool for any crazy invention and remember Zubrowka has a history that goes back to the XIV century, so when you drink or cook with it remember all the tradition behind it.